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GO SOLD: The 10 Step Guide to Getting Your Home SOLD!
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The Decision - 4 important questions to must ask yourself when thinking about selling your home
  • The Home Selling Timeline - we outline the entire home selling process and time frames for each stage
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale - how to prepare your house to go on the market and what upgrades you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do! 
  • Hiring an Expert - how to hire the right real estate agent and what questions to ask during their interview
  • Identifying Your Home's MAJOR Selling Features - how to spotlight your home and create an attention grabbing headline
  • Pricing Your Home for a Successful Sale - how to review the comparable homes for sale or sold in your neighborhood
  • Marketing Your Home - how to market your home to thousands of potential buyers and get the most $$$ for your home sale. Also, the major 3 websites you MUST have your home listed on 
  • Buyer Showings - how to prepare your home for potential buyer showings and how your home should look and feel 
  • Negotiating an Offer - tips and tricks to get your home negotiated and under contract!
  • The Closing Process - walks you through what to expect once you have a buyer and the inspection and appraisal process 
From the Desk of Nick Trevillian, Founder & CEO of Go Sold Realty 
Dear Homeowners,

They say it takes over 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. Well, we’ve done the math and counted how much time I have been practicing real estate. That staggering number has just surpassed 25,000 hours selling real estate. So, it looks like I’ve become an expert 2.5 times and counting!  And over my 13+ year career and helping thousands of homeowners, I started to develop a system that truly helped a homeowner during the home selling process. And that’s exactly why this book was written.   

Selling a home is a major life event and usually represents one of the largest financial decisions of a person’s life. Knowing this, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I wanted my clients to have the best advice possible to make their home sale a smooth experience. Sure selling a home and moving is always stressful, but I wanted to do everything I could calm the waters and make it easier. 

So for this book, I took every tool and strategy I have given to my clients over the past 13 years and 1,500 successful home sales and put them into a step-by-step guide. These principles have been tried and tested. They work in good markets and bad markets. Even during the real estate crash of 2008, we used these exact principles and strategies to help our clients get their homes sold and know they can help you too! 

If you are like most homeowners I meet, you are hoping for a fast sale and to get the most amount of money for your home. And knowing those are your goals, I wrote this book with that in mind. I truly hope these tools, ideas and strategies make your home sale faster and smoother and that they help sell your home for top dollar and put more money in your pocket! 

Wishing you a successful and smooth home sale!

Nick Trevillian
Founder & CEO, Go Sold Realty
Voted: "Top 40 Realtors Under 40"
Voted: "Top 100 Most Influential Agents in AZ"
Get a FREE Copy of my New Book...  
GO SOLD: The 10 Step Guide to Getting Your Home SOLD!
Where should I send your FREE book? We are selling these on Amazon for $14.95 and I will give you one FREE and even cover shipping! 
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